Welcome to Slow and Purposeful!

As the title of our blog suggests, we think it’s fair to say that its progression will be indeed just that – slow and purposeful. You see, like many war-gamers around the globe, the contributors to this page belong to a clique of unfortunates that struggle to summon the motivation whenever the daunting call to build and/or paint their respective collections sounds. It’s not that we lack the creative flair to produce decent figures ourselves – we just spend far too much time procrastinating about what we’re going to do with our models rather than the act itself. It’s a curse – and one that indeed many hobbyists wrangle with but seldom overcome.

We all know someone, online or otherwise, whose hobby output constantly outdoes our own. Their ability to produce great-looking figures without ever taking their foot off the proverbial pedal is – to put it simply – incredibly annoying! They start a project, finish it, and then – as if possessed by some unnatural chaotic force – move seamlessly onto the next, rinse and repeat.

For mere lazy mortals like us, this is truly the makeup of dreams. We’re far too busy playing video games or endlessly scanning social media websites to keep up with anyone working at that pace. If, like us, you struggle to muster the energy to glue on your Tactical Squads’ bolters, or cannot be bothered to finish edge-highlighting that unit of Eldar jetbikes you started six-years-ago, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We know exactly what you’re going through! But that’s all about to change.

Well, okay, maybe not. But we do hope that our attempts at keeping Slow And Purposeful updated, at least semi-regularly, might just stir enough impetus to carry us over the line and help us realise our goal of pitting two fully painted armies against one another at some point in the (probably very distant) future. For now, though, we hope you enjoy our blog as it flourishes. Who knows, we may have even discovered a cure to put to bed our own hobby woes which have plagued us for so long. Or perhaps it’s just a dose of newfound optimism. We shall see…

Welcome to Slow and Purposeful,

James and John.


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