Bonecruncha’s Nurgle Showcase


Being that I’m a huge fan of the chaos god Nurgle and his corrupted followers, I imagine my Death Guard and Daemons forces will make up the bulk of my blogging activity. That said, my recent purchase of a Haemonculus Covens army will no-doubt occasionally creep from the shadows whenever I’m tired of looking at greens and browns.

Before I get cracking with some freshly painted figures, though, I thought I’d post some completed models from my collection as a taster of what’s to come. Hopefully I’ll muster the strength to get a bit more progress done on my helbute tomorrow. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy the samples I’ve attached below.

Nurgle Blight Drone
Nurgle Blight Drone
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Mamon - Nurgle Demon Prince
Mamon – Nurgle Demon Prince
Death Guard Vindicator
Death Guard Vindicator

At the moment I’m really trying to focus my attention on making a dent in getting my Chaos Space Marines built up. You wouldn’t believe how long some of my models have been sat in their boxes; loved, but untouched. Then again, maybe you would…

Oddly, the whispering whims of fancy have been trying to lure me into painting city ruins of late, too.

Must. Stay. Focused.



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