Helbrutes On The Horizon


Greetings all!

I had intended to type this post sooner, but following a family holiday in Primrose Valley and a visit to the creepy-as-hell `Dracula Experience’ at Whitby, I’ve been down and rotten with a horrid sickness bug this past week. Yesterday I had planned on making an overdue start on my Heamonculus Covens army that I picked up a while back. Admittedly, this was merely done to distract myself from both the new Adeptus Mechanicus realease and a strangely reoccurring fancy for Necrons. I’d even gone so far as inviting my cousin round to offer some much-needed moral support while he worked on his own projects. But alas, the illness got the upper-hand; I was forced to cry off in defeat and shamefully crawled into my pit where I stayed (feeling sorry for myself) until this morning. Sorry, Tony…

Anyway, I’m feeling slightly fresher than I did yesterday, so I had better get on with what I was meaning to share.

Last week James, Elazar and I arranged a modelling session over at my humble abode. It wasn’t the most productive of meets – far from it, in fact. But I did manage to finish sculpting the fleshy areas on my helbrute. Mind you, I would have probably got more done had it not been for two `trolls’ demanding I make them cups of coffee every few minutes! Save for a handful of minor fixes and the addition of some extra details (of which I have yet settle on), it shouldn’t be too long before model’s ready for an undercoat. I was considering having two headless corpses impaled atop the hulking beast’s sarcophagus. Although, as cool as that sounds, I’m not sure it looks quite right after doing a dry fitting. I guess I’ll just have to ponder some more before I decide which way to go on the final piece.

Nurgle Helbrute WIP Front.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Front.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Rear.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Rear.

While we’re on the subject of helbrutes – specifically of the Nurgle variety – I thought I’d share my cousin’s Death Guard Dreadnought he finished last night (after traipsing home following our failed modelling session). I reckon Tony’s done a stellar job capturing the essence of what makes a Nurgle figure look… Well, Nurgley. In fact, if you ask me, the style is faintly reminiscent to that of the great John Blanche.

Tony's Death Guard Dreadnought/Helbrute.
Tony’s Death Guard Dreadnought/Helbrute.

What do you guys think?



The Lost And The Damned

I’ve done my best to hold off of posting until I had something worth showing. It’s been quite a while since I last finished painting a mini and that’s something that I’m certainly looking to correct. Hopefully blogging with James and John will help keep me motivated and actually see me build and paint an army! I’m currently working on putting together a Renegades and Heretics army. The rules in Imperial Armour 13 and Imperial Armour: Siege of Vraks (2nd Edition) are a great deal of fun with lots of fun choices and most importantly for my short attention span a huge amount of variety for minis to use. The backbone of the force will be Renegade Militia Infantry Platoons – your ‘standard’ Forge World Renegade Guardsmen for the most part. However, other units such as the Mutant Rabble, Plague Zombies, Marauders and Renegade Ogryns provide a host of fun conversion possibilities. The challenge will be in allowing my attention to wander to create a menagerie of freaks to make up the army whilst still staying on task enough to have something resembling an army at the end of it all! I’ve mostly finished a Renegade Champion to lead one of the squads of the three squads of 20 that will make up a platoon. Not the best photos but they show the look I’m going for well enough. 20150502_130838 20150502_130850 20150502_130831 20150502_130907(0) 20150502_130854 20150502_130844 He still needs some work, not least some foliage added to his base (although I’m tempted to grab some of the new Martian Ironearth paint and give that a go for the base rather than the Agrellan Earth) . I used a few of the Games Workshop Technical paints that I hadn’t gotten around to using before including Typhus Corrosion on the armour and Blood For The Blood God. I used the blood technical paint on the blade (a jagged sheet of metal strapped to the Renegades arm, simple, brutal, effective and just plain awesome looking!) but also used it to do the red lenses on his breathing apparatus. For the eye lenses I just added a spot of Wild Rider Red to create the highlight. The good news is that once I’ve tidied up the basing he’ll be my first finished mini in about 2 years. The bad news is that he’s about 8pts worth of miniature if I’m being generous when he’s more likely to be around 3pts. Lots to do! Alongside the Renegade Militia Infantry Platoon I want to have at least one large Mutant Rabble. Not least because it opens up a world of possibilities as far as converting all manner of creepy minis. These guys are the mutant underclass of a world, rising up against the rest of humanity that have kept them trodden down perhaps working as some kind of slave labour. I’ve got a few of these part built whilst I wait for a few more bits that I’ve ordered to arrive so that I can finish them off. The key thing I want to try to do with these is have as many different silhouettes as I can to really exaggerate the idea that these are a rabble of the dregs of humanity bound together by spite and a shared hatred of their oppressors rather than any true organisation. A couple of examples for now and I’ll hopefully have more to show in my next post! 20150502_163119 20150502_163124 20150502_163045 – Elazar