Helbrutes On The Horizon


Greetings all!

I had intended to type this post sooner, but following a family holiday in Primrose Valley and a visit to the creepy-as-hell `Dracula Experience’ at Whitby, I’ve been down and rotten with a horrid sickness bug this past week. Yesterday I had planned on making an overdue start on my Heamonculus Covens army that I picked up a while back. Admittedly, this was merely done to distract myself from both the new Adeptus Mechanicus realease and a strangely reoccurring fancy for Necrons. I’d even gone so far as inviting my cousin round to offer some much-needed moral support while he worked on his own projects. But alas, the illness got the upper-hand; I was forced to cry off in defeat and shamefully crawled into my pit where I stayed (feeling sorry for myself) until this morning. Sorry, Tony…

Anyway, I’m feeling slightly fresher than I did yesterday, so I had better get on with what I was meaning to share.

Last week James, Elazar and I arranged a modelling session over at my humble abode. It wasn’t the most productive of meets – far from it, in fact. But I did manage to finish sculpting the fleshy areas on my helbrute. Mind you, I would have probably got more done had it not been for two `trolls’ demanding I make them cups of coffee every few minutes! Save for a handful of minor fixes and the addition of some extra details (of which I have yet settle on), it shouldn’t be too long before model’s ready for an undercoat. I was considering having two headless corpses impaled atop the hulking beast’s sarcophagus. Although, as cool as that sounds, I’m not sure it looks quite right after doing a dry fitting. I guess I’ll just have to ponder some more before I decide which way to go on the final piece.

Nurgle Helbrute WIP Front.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Front.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Rear.
Nurgle Helbrute WIP Rear.

While we’re on the subject of helbrutes – specifically of the Nurgle variety – I thought I’d share my cousin’s Death Guard Dreadnought he finished last night (after traipsing home following our failed modelling session). I reckon Tony’s done a stellar job capturing the essence of what makes a Nurgle figure look… Well, Nurgley. In fact, if you ask me, the style is faintly reminiscent to that of the great John Blanche.

Tony's Death Guard Dreadnought/Helbrute.
Tony’s Death Guard Dreadnought/Helbrute.

What do you guys think?



3 thoughts on “Helbrutes On The Horizon

  1. I have three of those Hellbrutes, and the one thing I want the most is to “nurglify”one of them… Been looking around all over for some examples on said conversion… Yours tops all I had seen to date! In fact most of what you did is what I would have loved to achieve. Want to change the pose and head, though… having little experience modeling might be crazy of me. You say it’s not primed… What have you used to sculpt, may I ask? (or is it a B&W pic of greenstuff we’re looking at?)

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  2. Hey man,

    Thanks very much.

    Yeah, the image is in B&W. I used green stuff to sculpt the parts on. It really wasn’t too hard to achieve, actually. Believe it or not, my sculpting talents are fairly limited to be honest. I found that closely examining existing Nurgle models and trying to reproduce the effects was really helpful. Also, get yourself a decent sculpting set. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to do Nurgle stuff if you have a selection of decent tools.

    As for the head, it shouldn’t be overly hard to change if you’ve not already glued it into the chest. It might take a little trimming and some filing to make another head fit but I’m sure it won’t be too hard. I actually considered doing that myself but couldn’t settle on head to use.

    You know, the decomposing heads hanging from the Forge World Plague Marine shoulder pads would probably look canny. Might be a bit small, though. Or even three together, if it you can get it to work, would look super awesome!

    When I get the time, I might even do a blog tutorial on how to do some of these effects. 🙂

    Peace J.

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