Beware Of Bits and Kits


A few weeks ago I ordered a selection of bits from Included were several Wracks, which I had intended to mount on my transports to represent the crew manning the sophisticated hull weaponry available to Dark Eldar, and a variety of Nurgle bits from both the Maggoth Lords and Blightkings sets.

On the morning they arrived, I excitedly tore open the small jiffy package, fully expecting its contents to reveal the entirety of the order I’d placed a mere three days earlier. Yet, to my utter annoyance, however, the parcel was light – two Wracks and a Blightkings head light, to be precise. Despite this, in a clearly half-jacked attempt to rectify the problem, the company had included two replacement items. Both of which completely useless to my cause, I must add. Moreover, the replacement items they sent didn’t equate to the value of that which I’d paid. Immediately after my discovery, then, I e-mailed the company to bring the missing parts to their attention. Three weeks on, I’m still awaiting a response! Needless to say, I won’t be returning my custom. Beware, guys…

Nevertheless, I still managed to make good use of the parts I did receive. I had originally intended to use the Blightkings heads on a Toughness 6, Nurgle bike squad I’m on the verge of building. However, once I saw the parts, I realised that they would be simply too large for Chaos Marine-sized helmets. Instead of discarding them to my bits tin for all eternity, though, I remembered seeing a really cool helbrute conversion by Wadugast over on Convert or Die, which largely inspired the finishing touches I decided to apply to my own version. It’s took a while to figure it out, but I’m glad to say the conversion process is finally finished!

Peace J.

Sorry for poor image quality…

5 thoughts on “Beware Of Bits and Kits

  1. Sadly it sounds like you too have been burned by bits and kits. They owe me five berserker heads and a Dark Vengeance hellbrute. Good luck getting your money back but I bombarded them with emails and never heard anything. Have you tried Bitzbox? I’ve gone over to using them after that and so far there’s been no problems.
    Anyway, cheers for the compliment on my helbrute, especially as yours is looking magnificent! A stellar piece of bloated, Nurglyness – looking forward to seeing it painted 🙂

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  2. Thank you, dude. Though, I doubt it would have turned out as well had I not spotted yours on Convert or Die! 😉

    To be honest, the only reason I used Bits and Kits in the first place was because of the wide selection of bits their website boasts. I’ve used Bitsbox before but I found they never seem to have the bits in stock that I need. I certainly won’t be spending another penny at Bits and Kits, the robbing gits! 🙂

    Peace J.

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  3. Bits and Kits got one over on me a few weeks ago too- I ordered a load of Sternguard Veteran pieces and found that I was missing three of the heads that I had ordered (ones with badass optics on the helmets) and had been replaced by one Tactical Squad helmet, the bog-standard one that EVERYONE has at least ten of at any time. The annoying thing was that the receipt that came in the package had been ticked off completely, as if the pieces were actually in the envelope. I had also ordered a relic blade that had been seemingly ripped from the sprue and was split in half. The stingy gits didn’t even put the other half of the broken blade in the package! Bombarded them with emails again, and no response.

    I would suggest either Bitzbox (good range, but tend to be out of stock most of the time) or Let The Dice Decide, who are my go-to guys nowadays. A good range, great customer service and most of the time they are well stocked.

    Kudos on the model btw, looking fantastic 🙂

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    1. Your case is almost identical to what happened to me, man. I received the list checked off as if all the bits were there, too. They actually sent me a the Wrack torso that sits inside the Venom cockpit, which I’ve got no use for at all, and a maw from something that I couldn’t identify. I mean, honestly, I wouldn’t have minded if they had contacted me and asked if I’d like to choose some other bits to the value I’d paid. Although they only did me for a fiver, I’m half tempted to e-mail them and threaten legal action. It’s the principal, really, and I have little doubt we’re not the only ones.

      Thanks for the kind words, btw… 🙂


  4. Oh absolutely, I looked at a few forums when this happened and found that it happens to loads of us who are in the market for bits, all centered around Bits and Kits. They just don’t respond, it’s like it’s not their problem anymore after it leaves their possession. I know, people could argue that it’s only £2 here and £1.50 there, but that adds up. Being swindled for the sake of a couple of quid makes me really angry, it doesn’t matter who does it. Not that I’m tightfisted with money in the slightest, but it’s the principal- you’re right. Maybe try another email regarding the legal action if you’re still irritated about it. I’m pretty mad about it too. Thanks for posting this, I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in the matter.


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