Challenge Complete (Part I)


After setting myself a target midway through last week, I thought it was about time I cracked open those paints and made some progress with my Death Guard. In fact, Sunday was a rather productive afternoon by my standards. I based and undercoated my helbrute, half painted a Rhino transport and managed to complete a Landraider in less than a day. Not bad going, if I say so myself.

It's only taken me about 8 years to paint...
It’s only taken me about 8 years to paint…

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve labelled this post `Part I’. The reason for this is that, if all goes to plan, I’d like to knock through a few more models before the end of June. At the very least, I’ve completed my monthly challenge, but I’d like to keep going now that I’ve dusted off my paints and brushes. Then again, perhaps I’m being overly optimistic. Time will tell…

Peace J.


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