Painting for a change!



See what I did there with that title?

So painting has been somewhat slow for the last, erm, 18 months or so, but now it’s time for that to change! I’ve been feeling very hobby motivated lately and can’t wait to keep painting, building and buying lots of new toys! This is a fairly photo heavy post, so without further ado, some horrors! I’ve added a picture of the gems on the horrors too, because I was particularly happy with how they turned out.

After these were finished I really wanted to paint something different before carrying on. With the long break in painting I wanted to get as much stuff done to get back into the swing of things before tackling any characters, so I painted these familiars that Elazar gave me a long time ago.





Stay tuned and I should have much more stuff on the way!

Good luck and roll well!



One thought on “Painting for a change!

  1. Splendidly done, my friend. The gemstones look superb. You’ll have to show me this new-fangled technique of yours. 🙂


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