Pimp My Ride (Nurgle Edition )


As usual on this blog, things never go quite to plan. I had hoped to have my first Rhino done and dusted weeks ago. But alas, life simply got in the way yet again.

However, as you will see from the image below, I finally  finished my second Deathguard model since stripping the lot and starting afresh. Now I’ve thought about, it does sound pretty grim that this’s the only model I’ve managed to get done in the past 7 months – but, you know something, I’ve enjoyed every second when I have cracked open the paints. Just taking my time, without any unnecessary pressure, appears to have worked a treat.

Nurgle Rhino

From here on, my plan is to field 1000 points painted before (or just after) Christmas. Unlikely as it sounds, here’s a list of the things I’d like to have completed before the Fat Man lands:

1 mounted Chaos Lord; 1 Sorcerer; 1 Helbrute; 5 Spawn; 10 Cultists; 15 Marines.

Of course, that’s no mean feat when you consider how little I’ve accomplished thus far this year – but, then, the hobby-bug hadn’t hit until now.

Wish me luck!

Peace J.



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