A Glorious Host – Maiden of Slaanesh

Elazar 2

Made a start on painting the Daemons to go alongside the mortal denizens of the Space Hulk The Orchestra of Sin.

The photos highlighted a stray spot of pink that I’ve since fixed. Also got a family portrait of the 3 painted minis so far:


Just need to decide what to paint next!


4 thoughts on “A Glorious Host – Maiden of Slaanesh

  1. Looking great, pal.

    As for the “what should I paint next” conundrum, why not try setting yourself a 1000 points target, like I’ve done, and allocate a reasonable time frame to get it completed?

    I’ve found that, by removing the procrastination process, this has really helped get me moving with some painting.

    Good luck! 🙂


  2. @greggles: Yeah the camera can be cruel sometimes! Thanks for the comment and the kind words!

    @bonecruncha: 1000pts! I think we should be realistic this is me (unless we say the timescale is 25 years!). I’m also doing quite well with just being quite flexible (whimsical!) with what I paint at the minute so happy to be doing something rather than worrying too much about the bigger picture. I could commit to a “Khristmas Killteam” target perhaps. 6 Noise Marines and a Rhino makes an alright Killteam and would be a painted squad. Do you know the last time I painted a full 40k unit? Celo Green ‘Forget You’ was number 1 in the UK charts… October 2010.


    1. Sounds like a tidy plan.

      Even setting youself a target to have a Kill Team painted is better then nothing, mate… 😉


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