A Sonic Ensemble – Orchestrator Serron Plus Further WIP

Orchestrator Serron is my Kill Team Leader for our upcoming Khristmas Kill Teams event (although I think I’m going to go with Sonic Ensemble rather than Kill Team). John will be posting more details about the Khristmas Kill Teams soon I’m sure.

A picture of the painted Sonic Ensemble so far:


Been working on a few other things in between. First of which is a Spartan. I’ve got an early WIP mock-up of how the Dirge Caster / Exhaust system will look at the rear of the tank and then a more recent WIP picture of where I am with the Spartan for now.


I’ve also started on a trio of characters inhabiting the Orchestra of Sin. I’ve worked on two Sorcerers – one in Cataphractii Terminator armour and the other a simple conversion of the Dark Vengeance Lord Krannon mini. I’ve also done a mock-up of one of my Chaos Lords on Bikes – this one a traitor White Scar.

Thoughts and feedback greatly appreciated!


The New Batch


Having applied the final touches to my Plague Marines over a month ago, this one’s well overdue. I won’t bore readers with a bunch of irrelevant excuses, although I beleive a more stringent process for updating Slow And Purposeful is certainly in order. If anyone out there cares, why not leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see more of in our updates. As much I enjoy blogging, I’m still relatively new to this game and bringing you all enjoyable content is what I strive to do – and our followers’ collective input would be extremely helpful to us!

Plague Marines

Since my last update, I’ve  made some decent headway with the unit of Nurgle Spawn, which are gradually getting closer to completion. Here’s one I snapped last week against a beautiful Play-Doh backdrop:

A converted, grizzly-looking Nurgle Spawn.

Until next time,

Peace J.