Easy To Build Plague Marines Conversions.

So, for a while I’d been pondering how to tackle converting the three ‘ETB’ Plague Marines which were released last year. Having bought a set for my army on release, I unexpectedly aquired a second from my daughter who – at that time – had fancied giving the hobby a go. Her interest didn’t last long, sadly, and I decided to make use of the models she had by doing a few conversions.

Easy to Build Plague Marines

One of the main issues I faced was that certain parts where moulded to others, making it difficult to shuffle the bits around freely. That said, with some careful cutting, filing and minor green-stuff work, I managed to kit-bash the Champion and Blight Launcher carrier fairly easily using spares from the Plague Marines multi-part kit.

Alternate Blight Launcher


Alternate ETB Plague Marine

However, the third marine had me beat. At first, I thought about doing a simple head-swap and calling it done. I knew that if I did that, though, it would constantly bug me that it wasn’t different enough from the original sculpt – and, if truth be told, because of the position of the arms and bolter, I was concerned that I would end up damaging the model beyond repair. While searching for inspiration on ‘the net’, I was surprised that there wasn’t a great amount of converted easy-to-build Plague Marines doing the rounds – and if there were, I didn’t find many. This was especially true for the one that was causing me the biggest headache to figure out.

But… I think I’ve finally cracked it!

Alternate Plague Flail

I hope some of you find this useful if your planning on doing something similar, and I hope you like what I came up with.

Until next time,



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