Death Guard Kill Team: Cohort of the Unfurling Pox WIP.


Now that Kill Team has had its offical 8th edition make-over, the lads and I decided it would be a fun idea to build ourselves each a warband and get a campaign on the go once we get a couple of training games under our belts on Monday night.

It’s Killin’ Time!

Picking a faction for my Kill Team was an easy choice – it had to be Death Guard! The first thing I set about doing was writing a list, which consists of five Plague Marines and two Poxwalkers, giving me a total of seven models! (Seven, of course, being the unholy number of the Plague God, Nurgle). Next, I picked out some of the Plague Marines I’d already spent time kit bashing, and then cobbled together a couple more with the weapon options I wanted to complete the squad. As for the Poxwalkers, I’m in the process of batch painting some at the minute, so I’ll likely pick my two favourites and give them a touch more attention with my brush than the others. Here’s my list:

Plague Champion – Festasmus The Reeking
w/ Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist.

Plague Marine (Veteran) – Mulgh Glouch
w/ Icon of Despair.

Plague Marine Fighter (Zealot) – Bubox the Pestilent
w/ Flail of Corruption.

Plague Marine Gunner (Heavy) – Rancidous the Curdled
w/ Blight launcher.


Plague Marine Gunner – Malignus Muttermould
w/ Plague belcher.

2 Poxwalker – Bloab & Itch.

Left to Right: Malignus Muttermould, Mulgh Glouch, Rancidous the Curdled, Festasmus the Reeking and Bubox the Pestilent.

I suppose I’d better get painting, then…




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