Painted Poxwalkers and Kill Team Update.


A few weeks ago, I decided to make a start prepping the 32 Poxwalkers I own ready for painting. Before making a start, however, I decided to scour YouTube, and found Errant Painting’s tutorial for tackling a poxwalker horde an extremely helpful and valuable source of inspiration for what I wanted. As it relies mainly only washes and only a small amount of detail work to achieve a decent enough finish, I decided to get cracking. (Click the link if you fancy a look).

In the end, I decided to make some minor changes to my own models, but Errant’s process is definitely solid enough for getting some paint down fairly quickly. As daunting as I imagined this project to be, it really wasn’t all that difficult, and with a bit more time and effort I can see my (mini) horde of ghoulish poxwalkers growing fairly sharpish!

Nurgle Poxwalkers

As noted in my last post, I decided to pick my two favourites to act as Bloab and Itch, the Poxwalkers which will accompany my Cohort of the Unfurling Pox kill team. These two certainly seem to fit the bill, I reckon.

Bloab & Itch

Thanks for looking!



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