WIP: Nurgle Plague Hulk and Demon Price Conversion.

Recently I made a start painting a Plague Hulk for the demonic portion of my Nurgle army. I’ll be using this model as a counts-as Soul Grinder. In my eyes, Forge World’s Plague Hulk fits the mono-Nurgle theme far better than the Games Workshop version, and ultimately saved me a ton of time not having to convert one. Hopefully I should have him/it finished soon!

Plague Hulk
Plague Hulk

When I started rebuilding my Death Guard army last year, I was mad-keen on adding a new Demon Prince to my ranks. I’ve always liked Demon Princes, and as I had a old Finecast kit layng around, I thought it wouldn’t take much to personalise it to my own tastes. The biggest problem I had was finding a suitable head I liked, which took me a lot longer to figure out than I’d hoped, but eventually I settled on a “squid-like”, mutated head from the Chaos Spawn kit. Because I’d used the head before on a Plague Champion many editions ago, I liked the idea of revamping the character into my current army as if he’s ascended his mortal form and finally been granted the blessing of princehood by the Grandfather.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.


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The inner Tzeentchian, a guide to all things James.


So as John has presented some of his older work, I thought I would do the same. As you’ll see there is a pretty stark contrast between his style and mine. We both usually like the work each of us does, but for very different reasons.

My style is more of a line highlight and with a very bright palette behind it. I have no idea why, but I just can’t get away with current trends of hyper realism. I prefer my pretties to be pretty! Now as a Tzeentch player that’s no problem at all, we do bright colours over here in the realm of change, but it hasn’t always just applied to my demons, it has been a part of my painting with other armies too.

I’ll push through a few of my favourites here now, and then end with some nice Tzeentch stuff. Enjoy! (Or perhaps don’t!)