Kastoros Lydon – The Choirmaster – WiP Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

“Dearest Fabius taught me so much…”
The voice spoke from the silhouette of the throne that Altrian had been thrown down in view of. A bank of spotlights had been mounted on the wall behind the throne. The light from them was blinding. Without his helm even his post-human eyes teared up trying to look upon the figure reclined there. Cheap theatrics Altrian thought to himself with a sneer but had expected no different. “This, my magnum opus, is as much his creation as it is mine,” the voice continued gesturing to the machinery that idled behind Altrian with a maddening, teeth-itching hum. Voices Altrian half-corrected himself, well, singular voice but multiple speakers. 

“I was but a child taking my first timid steps when he took me under his wing. Fabius is a godless man though. He thinks that makes him stronger than the rest of us. But his godlessness is just to hide his fear. Fear that he treads a path not his own… Sweet Slaanesh loves him and watches over him even though he spurns, the youngest god’s love. It was sweet Slaanesh that saved me, elevated me, remade me in an image more pleasing to him.”

“When he was my master, before he was yours, Fabius took my voice from me for some petty transgression…

It was the cruellest and yet most delectable thing. In my enforced silence I heard it. The siren song of Slaanesh. The birth cry of a god layered in the lament of the dying of the race that birthed him. It was so beautiful and with every ounce of my being I longed to add my voice to that song. Not the tinny artificial thing from the vox-aug I was fitted with or even the voice I had use before then but my true voice. I knew it was buried. Inside of me. I needed to bring it to the fore.

“Pain was the answer as it so often is. I built this device for me. Its tender attentions ministrations took me to the brink. The thread that separates life and death. In that place I found my voice. I surrendered myself to the death I knew would meet me and I screamed, my very soul shrieked out in blissful agony. That soul-cry joined with the Song of Slaanesh. It was a fleeting note. My weak, pitiful, physical form was torn apart by the intensity of its tone. But my one note in that glorious song and the price I paid to sing it, caught the attention of my sweet god and in his delightful excruciations I was remade. Slaanesh brought me into his choir but I knew that my place now was to help others find their voice.”

Almost lost in the thrumming of the pain engine behind him Altrian heard the rustle of robes and a number of cybernetic limbs.

“Honoured Adept Domitian here, made a weapon of the process,” the voices explained as the robotic hands of two Thallax hauled Altrian to his feet. The figure on the throne rose to his feet. Taller than a regular astartes and thinner, more graceful of limb. The full horror of its visage became clear as it spread its leathery pinions blocking the harsh spotlights and allowing Altrian’s eyes to adjust. He at last made out the true horror that was his captor –Kastoros Lydon; Kastoros The Resplendent; Kastoros The Choirmaster; The Silent Song and a hundred other names besides. The daemon’s ornate armour was a headache inducing riot of pink, warped into something more fitting to his form even if less practical now. Practicality was rarely a concern for the servants of Slaanesh let alone for those no longer confined to the harsh truths of mortality.  His face and helm had long since blurred. Now his visage was of a cruel, living ceramite behind a static-spitting voxgrille, almost lost in a mane of tubes and cables. When he spoke the words came from the psychically slaved heads skewered on trophy racks atop the creature’s throne. 

“I had so hoped Fabius, would be with you. I wanted to give him my thanks and repay him in kind. I shall take some comfort, for now, in adding your voice to the song in his stead”

Still got a long way to go on this mini but I’m working on a new Daemon Prince. So far there’s an assortment of bits from: Fulgrim, Chaos Terminator Lord, Helbrute, Dark Eldar Scourges, Possessed, Khorne Blood Reavers and an ever increasing amount of green stuff. Got quite a clear vision for both the mini and his background though so that should see me through the hard work. Looking forward to getting him to a point where I can start painting!


A Glorious Host – Maiden of Slaanesh

Elazar 2

Made a start on painting the Daemons to go alongside the mortal denizens of the Space Hulk The Orchestra of Sin.

The photos highlighted a stray spot of pink that I’ve since fixed. Also got a family portrait of the 3 painted minis so far:


Just need to decide what to paint next!

An Orchestra of Sin -Lord Vardas Soulchewer

Elazar 2

Seems to have taken a while to get this guy finished. He initially started life as a Crimson Slaughter ‘Prophet of the Voices’ with a Mark of Slaanesh but in the couple of battles he’s fought so far he’s been a Black Legion Lord with the Spineshiver Blade or a counts-as Lucius The Eternal. Lord Vardas Soulchewer. Although I’m hoping he’ll earn the epithet Wulfenchewer against our regular Space Wolves opponent…

The mini is a Forge World Gal Vorbak marine with the head from the  Slaves to Darkness Chaos Chariot kit and the claw-spear from a Hosts of Slaanesh Hellstrider.

I might need to add something extra to his base just to finish him off though.

An Orchestra of Sin – The First Oktavist

Elazar 2

I’ve had my first painted Noise Marine finished for a little while now but only just managed to get some photos of him that I actually like!

Took a while to find a ‘rank’ title for him that I was happy with. The Kakophoni in the Horus Heresy are split into Orchestrators and Chora which I wanted to keep for Champions and Sonic Blaster armed Noise Marines respectively, but I needed something for the Blastmaster armed Noise Marines and after some research Oktavist stood out…

Just the rest of them to paint now! Any comments, feedback, critique welcome!

More Orchestra WIP

Elazar 2

Following on from my previous post introducing the background for my new Slaaneshi army, I have a few more WIP pictures of some of the minis I’ve been working on.

I showed a WIP of the first of the Noise Marine Obliterators I was working on previously. Here are the three together, still quite a bit I want to add to these and make them feel more like Obliterators than just Terminators with Sonic Blasters.

Noise Marine Obliterators

I’ve also started to put together my Noise Marines. First up are two Noise Champions. The Forge World Kakophoni marines are absolutely stunning and I’m going to have great fun making two characterful units of Noise Marines.

Noise Champion 1
Noise Champion 1
Noise Champion 2
Noise Champion 2

I’ve also mocked up one of the Kakophoni with a Blastmaster. The sonic weapons they come with are amazing so think I’d like them to be the Sonic Blasters to make up the bulk of the sonic weaponry so going to go for the finecast Blastmaster.

Noise Marine with Blastmaser

Still quite a lot to do with each of these but please with the progress so far.

An Orchestra of Sin

Elazar 2

“The Space Hulk designated Orchestra of Sin has oft been a herald of rebellion, heresy, and destruction across the Imperium. It follows no discernible route and leaves only ruin in its wake – emerging from the warp, plunging entire systems into chaos, then dropping back out of realspace until it re-emerges elsewhere – sometimes months later, sometimes decades. To those Inquisitors that have studied it, the hulk’s sightings are random and unpredictable but to the dark pilgrims aboard the hulk, its path is guided by the unseen hand of the Youngest God, Slaanesh.


A colossal amalgam of numerous vessels the Orchestra of Sin has been so warped by the tides of the Immaterium that there are probably none living that could name the separate craft that represent its constituent parts. Even those that dwell upon the hulk don’t know its full makeup such is the ruination of vessels and star-bound scrap at its heart. Somewhere at its core lies a vast conveyor that had been running millions of souls to newly conquered worlds at the height of Macharius’ Crusades. The vessel became becalmed, the astropaths on board screaming their messages of distress into the aether, amplified a thousand-fold by the fears of those aboard. By the time these astropathic messages were received by others their meaning had been corrupted and those that came to their aid all arrived with vastly different expectations of what they would find. Astartes light vessels arrived to fight xenos pirates or a deamonic incursion. Imperial navy vessels and troop conveyors sought to put down a mutiny or search for survivors after critical systems failures. None can say who was responsible but by someone or something’s hand the conveyor suddenly shifted into the warp, those rescue vessels and boarding pods attached to it like ticks were dragged into the sea of souls also – without sufficient warning to have raised their Gellar Fields all of the vessels and the souls aboard them were prey to the foul entities that awaited them. When next it emerged in the sea of stars the vessel was a composite of the original conveyor and those ships that had gone to its aid. Over the years, more and more vessels have been consumed by the hulk so that it is now a maddened splice of Imperial, Traitor, and even Xenos ships plus all manner of debris.


The roster of the Orchestra of Sin’s crew is in constant flux. The only thing they all have in common is that they are in thrall to Slaanesh. The shared company of similarly minded sorts allows those dark pilgrims aboard to indulge their whims in relative safety but each is only truly interested in furthering their own goals. Their numbers are regularly thinned when they turn upon each other or engage in war but then new pilgrims flock to the hulk whether they be members of secretive cults on worlds that the Orchestra of Sin draws near, Renegade Astartes, or prisoners-of-war / refugees brainwashed or enslaved to the bidding of new masters.”


The above is a snippet of background to my new army, yes, the Renegades and Heretics are gone. I’m a terrible hobby magpie but I’m hoping this project might help me turn a corner. It’s a bit of an odd one as I’ve wanted to do a mono-slaanesh army made up of daemons and marines etc for ages but for a multitude of reasons I’ve largely put it off or gone on different flights of fancy although there have been a few false starts in the past with my Spider-Centaur Keeper of Secrets conversion and my Emperor’s Children who got a half-painted Fulgrim.

The Keeper of Secrets – sadly departed

The problem with those attempts though was I pigeon-holed the armies, so I had a very clear idea of what I could and couldn’t use that would be Emperor’s Children-y and in the case of the spider daemon had intentions of all of the daemons taking a similar form an idea that shot itself in the foot due to the rules for Nurglings (who were going to be my hordes of counts-as spider babies) in 5th edition. When you’re a hobby butterfly flitting from idea to idea like myself that much structure is army suicide. So in their latest guise my Slaaneshi sorts can only be defined as such. There will be Daemons and Marines and a great many things in between if I have my way. The concept of a vessel of hedonistic pilgrims emerging from the warp to make war / love / noise and pick up more pilgrims means I can really go wild and throw in whatever I fancy. For instance, I’ve had a long term want for some Slaaneshi White Scars ever since the Dornian Heresy was published on Bolter and Chainsword and there’s a biker lord taking form in my imagination and bits box to realise that but equally I know that I would never be able to commit to that as a full scale army but as a character or perhaps a full bike unit it’s manageable and then I can flit to the next mini-project of Slaanesh – or such is the hope any way!

Slaaneshi White Scars from the Dornian Heresy

So, for those that have read my rambling above or the tl;dr kindred – what have I got to show for all this so far!

Firstly another itch I’ve been keen to scratch for a while is a unit of Noise Marine Obliterators. I’ve got three at about the same stage so far – still a lot of work to do but pleased with the start I have made.

2015-09-13 15.09.44
Noise Marine Obliterator

I also did a mock-up of a ‘regular’ Noise Marine. He’s been slightly re-purposed since as a bolter marine as I’m going to try something else for my Noise Marines.

2015-09-09 21.09.01
Noise Marine Mock-up

But it’s not just Noise Marines being worked on. Their Daemonic allies are also on the agenda. I’ve been working on a Herald on Steed of Slaanesh. I was keen to do something to make her stand out from the regular Daemonettes so decided on giving her a third arm and really playing on the asymmetrical nature of Slaanesh’s daemons.

Herald of Slaanesh on Steed

Lastly I’ve also started on a Soul Grinder. It’s a wonderful kit (although there are some horrendous gaps and misaligned parts to work on) and the only real change I wanted to make was to give it a Noise Marine style vox-grille to represent the Baleful Torrent (which to my mind is a daemonic Doom Siren).

Doom Siren / Baleful Torrent Soul Grinder

So lots of work to go and lots more ideas to flesh out – would appreciate any comments or feedback you have and hopefully will have further updates in the not too distant.

The Lost And The Damned

I’ve done my best to hold off of posting until I had something worth showing. It’s been quite a while since I last finished painting a mini and that’s something that I’m certainly looking to correct. Hopefully blogging with James and John will help keep me motivated and actually see me build and paint an army! I’m currently working on putting together a Renegades and Heretics army. The rules in Imperial Armour 13 and Imperial Armour: Siege of Vraks (2nd Edition) are a great deal of fun with lots of fun choices and most importantly for my short attention span a huge amount of variety for minis to use. The backbone of the force will be Renegade Militia Infantry Platoons – your ‘standard’ Forge World Renegade Guardsmen for the most part. However, other units such as the Mutant Rabble, Plague Zombies, Marauders and Renegade Ogryns provide a host of fun conversion possibilities. The challenge will be in allowing my attention to wander to create a menagerie of freaks to make up the army whilst still staying on task enough to have something resembling an army at the end of it all! I’ve mostly finished a Renegade Champion to lead one of the squads of the three squads of 20 that will make up a platoon. Not the best photos but they show the look I’m going for well enough. 20150502_130838 20150502_130850 20150502_130831 20150502_130907(0) 20150502_130854 20150502_130844 He still needs some work, not least some foliage added to his base (although I’m tempted to grab some of the new Martian Ironearth paint and give that a go for the base rather than the Agrellan Earth) . I used a few of the Games Workshop Technical paints that I hadn’t gotten around to using before including Typhus Corrosion on the armour and Blood For The Blood God. I used the blood technical paint on the blade (a jagged sheet of metal strapped to the Renegades arm, simple, brutal, effective and just plain awesome looking!) but also used it to do the red lenses on his breathing apparatus. For the eye lenses I just added a spot of Wild Rider Red to create the highlight. The good news is that once I’ve tidied up the basing he’ll be my first finished mini in about 2 years. The bad news is that he’s about 8pts worth of miniature if I’m being generous when he’s more likely to be around 3pts. Lots to do! Alongside the Renegade Militia Infantry Platoon I want to have at least one large Mutant Rabble. Not least because it opens up a world of possibilities as far as converting all manner of creepy minis. These guys are the mutant underclass of a world, rising up against the rest of humanity that have kept them trodden down perhaps working as some kind of slave labour. I’ve got a few of these part built whilst I wait for a few more bits that I’ve ordered to arrive so that I can finish them off. The key thing I want to try to do with these is have as many different silhouettes as I can to really exaggerate the idea that these are a rabble of the dregs of humanity bound together by spite and a shared hatred of their oppressors rather than any true organisation. A couple of examples for now and I’ll hopefully have more to show in my next post! 20150502_163119 20150502_163124 20150502_163045 – Elazar