Malignant Plaguecaster Conversion.

Being a long-time servant of the Plague Father, I was delighted to see the new Death Guard models released as one-half of the 8th Edition starter set last summer. I was in love with them! Sadly, though, my love fell way short when it came to the Malignant Plaguecaster.

Malignant Plaguecaster

My main issue with this figure, like many have stated, is its face. It just didn’t do anything for me. Secondly, I also wasn’t keen on the psychic power manifesting from its right hand – it just felt like overkill on an already busy model!

In order to tackle the issue, I decided to convert it using some spares from the Blightkings sprue and a small amount of green-stuff.

Bonecruncha’s Alternate Malignant Plaguecaster

Personally, I think he came out quite nicely, and having a unique character to add to my army beats fielding a generic one any day in my book. On a similar note, I decided to personalise my Lord of Contagion by swapping out its helmet with Orghotts Daemonspew’s head. I reckon the bare head works a a treat!

Unmasked Lord of Contagion 

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Easy To Build Plague Marines Conversions.

So, for a while I’d been pondering how to tackle converting the three ‘ETB’ Plague Marines which were released last year. Having bought a set for my army on release, I unexpectedly aquired a second from my daughter who – at that time – had fancied giving the hobby a go. Her interest didn’t last long, sadly, and I decided to make use of the models she had by doing a few conversions.

Easy to Build Plague Marines

One of the main issues I faced was that certain parts where moulded to others, making it difficult to shuffle the bits around freely. That said, with some careful cutting, filing and minor green-stuff work, I managed to kit-bash the Champion and Blight Launcher carrier fairly easily using spares from the Plague Marines multi-part kit.

Alternate Blight Launcher


Alternate ETB Plague Marine

However, the third marine had me beat. At first, I thought about doing a simple head-swap and calling it done. I knew that if I did that, though, it would constantly bug me that it wasn’t different enough from the original sculpt – and, if truth be told, because of the position of the arms and bolter, I was concerned that I would end up damaging the model beyond repair. While searching for inspiration on ‘the net’, I was surprised that there wasn’t a great amount of converted easy-to-build Plague Marines doing the rounds – and if there were, I didn’t find many. This was especially true for the one that was causing me the biggest headache to figure out.

But… I think I’ve finally cracked it!

Alternate Plague Flail

I hope some of you find this useful if your planning on doing something similar, and I hope you like what I came up with.

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The New Batch


Having applied the final touches to my Plague Marines over a month ago, this one’s well overdue. I won’t bore readers with a bunch of irrelevant excuses, although I beleive a more stringent process for updating Slow And Purposeful is certainly in order. If anyone out there cares, why not leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see more of in our updates. As much I enjoy blogging, I’m still relatively new to this game and bringing you all enjoyable content is what I strive to do – and our followers’ collective input would be extremely helpful to us!

Plague Marines

Since my last update, I’ve  made some decent headway with the unit of Nurgle Spawn, which are gradually getting closer to completion. Here’s one I snapped last week against a beautiful Play-Doh backdrop:

A converted, grizzly-looking Nurgle Spawn.

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Peace J.