WIP: Nurgle Plague Hulk and Demon Price Conversion.

Recently I made a start painting a Plague Hulk for the demonic portion of my Nurgle army. I’ll be using this model as a counts-as Soul Grinder. In my eyes, Forge World’s Plague Hulk fits the mono-Nurgle theme far better than the Games Workshop version, and ultimately saved me a ton of time not having to convert one. Hopefully I should have him/it finished soon!

Plague Hulk
Plague Hulk

When I started rebuilding my Death Guard army last year, I was mad-keen on adding a new Demon Prince to my ranks. I’ve always liked Demon Princes, and as I had a old Finecast kit layng around, I thought it wouldn’t take much to personalise it to my own tastes. The biggest problem I had was finding a suitable head I liked, which took me a lot longer to figure out than I’d hoped, but eventually I settled on a “squid-like”, mutated head from the Chaos Spawn kit. Because I’d used the head before on a Plague Champion many editions ago, I liked the idea of revamping the character into my current army as if he’s ascended his mortal form and finally been granted the blessing of princehood by the Grandfather.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.


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Painted Plague Marines!


Just a quick one tonight, but I’m glad to say I’ve finally finished my first 5 Plague Marines! Overall, I’m fairly happy with the way they have turned out, and I should have some more painted stuff to show very soon, namely in the form of a Plague Hulk and some more Poxwalkers. After that, I’ll crack on with my Cohort of the Unfurling Pox kill team!

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Plague Marines


Painted Poxwalkers and Kill Team Update.


A few weeks ago, I decided to make a start prepping the 32 Poxwalkers I own ready for painting. Before making a start, however, I decided to scour YouTube, and found Errant Painting’s tutorial for tackling a poxwalker horde an extremely helpful and valuable source of inspiration for what I wanted. As it relies mainly only washes and only a small amount of detail work to achieve a decent enough finish, I decided to get cracking. (Click the link if you fancy a look).

In the end, I decided to make some minor changes to my own models, but Errant’s process is definitely solid enough for getting some paint down fairly quickly. As daunting as I imagined this project to be, it really wasn’t all that difficult, and with a bit more time and effort I can see my (mini) horde of ghoulish poxwalkers growing fairly sharpish!

Nurgle Poxwalkers

As noted in my last post, I decided to pick my two favourites to act as Bloab and Itch, the Poxwalkers which will accompany my Cohort of the Unfurling Pox kill team. These two certainly seem to fit the bill, I reckon.

Bloab & Itch

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Death Guard Kill Team: Cohort of the Unfurling Pox WIP.


Now that Kill Team has had its offical 8th edition make-over, the lads and I decided it would be a fun idea to build ourselves each a warband and get a campaign on the go once we get a couple of training games under our belts on Monday night.

It’s Killin’ Time!

Picking a faction for my Kill Team was an easy choice – it had to be Death Guard! The first thing I set about doing was writing a list, which consists of five Plague Marines and two Poxwalkers, giving me a total of seven models! (Seven, of course, being the unholy number of the Plague God, Nurgle). Next, I picked out some of the Plague Marines I’d already spent time kit bashing, and then cobbled together a couple more with the weapon options I wanted to complete the squad. As for the Poxwalkers, I’m in the process of batch painting some at the minute, so I’ll likely pick my two favourites and give them a touch more attention with my brush than the others. Here’s my list:

Plague Champion – Festasmus The Reeking
w/ Plaguesword, Plasma gun, Power fist.

Plague Marine (Veteran) – Mulgh Glouch
w/ Icon of Despair.

Plague Marine Fighter (Zealot) – Bubox the Pestilent
w/ Flail of Corruption.

Plague Marine Gunner (Heavy) – Rancidous the Curdled
w/ Blight launcher.


Plague Marine Gunner – Malignus Muttermould
w/ Plague belcher.

2 Poxwalker – Bloab & Itch.

Left to Right: Malignus Muttermould, Mulgh Glouch, Rancidous the Curdled, Festasmus the Reeking and Bubox the Pestilent.

I suppose I’d better get painting, then…



Death Guard Helbrute… FINALLY Done!

Yesterday evening, I came across a blog titled “The Unforgotten” by fellow blogger Wudugast over on Convert Or Die; which, as it happens, is literally brim-full of really cool conversions (so make sure to check it if you haven’t already)!

What caught my attention about this particular post, was that the author was discussing the subject of unfinished projects – something that I’m particularly guilty of myself – and that he was taking part in a community painting challenge organised by Azazel’s Bits Box, which called for interested parties to finish an unfinished model that has essentially been sat gathering dust for several months. Intrigued, I decided to sign myself up.

Returning readers to Slow And Purposeful may remember a project I blogged about many moons ago – way back in 2015, actually. Yup, you guessed it. The dreaded Death Guard Helbrute!

The Helbrute, way back in 2015…

And so, last night, I took to the challenge determined to finally put this model to bed… AND, you know what? I did!

Boncruncha’s Death Guard Helbrute… Done! 

Thanks to Wudugast and Azazel for the inspiration!

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Malignant Plaguecaster & Lord of Contagion Conversions.

Being a long-time servant of the Plague Father, I was delighted to see the new Death Guard models released as one-half of the 8th Edition starter set last summer. I was in love with them! Sadly, though, my love fell way short when it came to the Malignant Plaguecaster.

Malignant Plaguecaster

My main issue with this figure, like many have stated, is its face. It just didn’t do anything for me. Secondly, I also wasn’t keen on the psychic power manifesting from its right hand – it just felt like overkill on an already busy model!

In order to tackle the issue, I decided to convert it using some spares from the Blightkings sprue and a small amount of green-stuff.

Bonecruncha’s Alternate Malignant Plaguecaster

Personally, I think he came out quite nicely, and having a unique character to add to my army beats fielding a generic one any day in my book. On a similar note, I decided to personalise my Lord of Contagion by swapping out its helmet with Orghotts Daemonspew’s head. I reckon the bare head works a a treat!

Unmasked Lord of Contagion

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